Cannabis Technology: Exchange Platforms

By: Timothy Bidon

Unprecedented growth in cannabis markets has presented a need for regulation, standardization and commodification of both raw cannabis and any other by-products. The ultimate goal of most cannabis exchange platforms is that they create a transparent and standardized marketplace for cannabis trading. Put more simply: cannabis exchange markets allow cannabis products and services to be traded at regulated prices on a virtual market, as opposed to traditional floor trading. These exchange platforms dictate the terms of trade by setting in place regulations that dictate product quality and pricing, among other things. The ultimate goal of cannabis exchange platforms is to elevate the financial trade of cannabis products to the same standards of all other publicly traded assets.

With cannabis given an exchange marketplace of its own, consumers and patients can rest easy knowing that cannabis will be subject to the same regulations and compliance standards that dictate quality control of other products. Cannabis exchange platforms present business opportunities for multiple stakeholders in the industry looking to bolster both the credibility and profit potential of cannabis products.

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Amercanex is a pioneer in cannabis-related exchange platforms, aiming to promote a transparent and neutral cannabis market free from price manipulation. Over the past year, Amercanex has bolstered their staff with financial industry titans such as Richard Schaeffer, who served as chairman for the New York Mercantile Exchange. Furthermore, Americanex made waves this year with its partnership with Dixie Products, Inc., which will allow for the sale of Dixie Elixirs and Edibles line products in all states where Amercanex operates.

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The Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) provides users with an opportunity to participate in a wholesale exchange platform positioned to seamlessly transact and inform cannabis and hemp commodities and finished products in one user-friendly platform. CHEX prides itself on features like real-time supply chain intelligence, cloud infrastructure, and a being a mobile-first solution. The company also differentiates itself as having integrated social features and QR codes for quick contact management, tracking, and quality control.