Bringing the e-patient movement to medical marijuana

By: Alex Topchishvili

Medical cannabis patients have the power of digital technology to fuel their quest for better healthcare, which is forcing the industry to keep pace with their digital needs. By leveraging smartphones and tablets most patients already have, medical cannabis companies can better engage patients and capture information from them in real time to improve their education, adherence, and ultimately, outcomes.

In the world of healthcare, patients’ abundant use of digital technologies to improve their health and wellness is driving medical marijuana companies to create new strategies and tools for patient engagement and data collection. The medical marijuana industry, though slow moving, is beginning to innovate technology and services to better serve the patient and find ways to use patient data to design tools that streamline medical marijuana processes such as strain-selection and doctor-patient recommendation.

While the medical marijuana market has been hampered by restrictive legislature and regulatory processes, new opportunities are emerging that leverage data, clinic trials, and scientific research as a way to join the dialogue with medical cannabis patients. With a higher concentration of patients becoming involved in their own treatment through digital technology, the industry is being pushed to act. Whichever company leads this movement will dominate their market and have the most positive influence on patients.

As the market grows, there is a clear opportunity for medical cannabis companies to provide support, services, and tools for patients and consequently build brand loyalty and trust. Innovative software developers have a responsibility to place digital tools and compliant content into the hands of cannabis clinicians, cultivators, dispensary owners, doctors, and patients to drive this industry to a more patient-centric model.

These new approaches can effectively integrate data to allow general physicians to better see, query, and understand information that will allow them to more effectively and accurately define personalized medical marijuana treatment plans - which will ultimately result better patient outcomes.

PotBotics has recognized this trend in healthcare, and hopes to leverage it's data mining capabilities to improve patient engagement, personalize medical marijuana recommendations through its multi-product offering, and add transparency to the science behind medical marijuana.